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User Guide 


Who Can Report Activities Using

To use to report chapter activities, Societies must purchase a license and agree to program terms.  If your society home office has become an official user, the society home office has login capability and has created a list of participating chapters in their drop down menu.

Please contact your homr office with questions on society participants.

Participating Society Home Office Login

Home office administrators have a secure login and password to access the platform.  Societies then may either create logins for chapters or sends chapters information on how to create their own unique logins.

Chapter Reporting

Chapter leaders report on activities one-by-one and with the frequency determined by their society. To report on an activity, follow these guidelines:

How to Report an Activity

  • Login, select your society and your chapter name, and click on Manage Activities in the yellow bar and click on Add Activity.
  • Enter the activity data for all fields; have all the required information handy (although you can go back in and edit the information.)

Activity Info

  • Give the activity a name (St. John Food Drive; Scholarship Dinner etc.)
  • Describe the activity in 250 characters or less.  (If the activity is a collection drive, describe what was collected, among other important facts, and who the recipients are.)
  • Identify in what city and state the activity took place.  If the event took place in Canada, identify the city (if you wish) and check the Canada box – there are no provinces listed in the State field.  (If the activity is simply a donation, identify the city and state or country of the organization receiving the funds.)
  • Enter the activitiy, date or date range (if the activity spanned more than one day)

Activity Type

  • Categorize the Activity Type as either a Service Project/Community Outreach activity, a Member activity or a Donation By Chapter activity with no event involved.  Definitions:
  • Service Project/Community Outreach: an activity that is for the benefit of the community and not focused on benefitting members
  • Member Activity: an activity that is attended by members, performed by members or that is conducted primarily for the benefit of members.  (This can be a social event, a board meeting, volunteer time at home working on a chapter project, typing minutes etc.)
  • Donation By Chapter - No Event: The act of writing a check from the chapter checking account.  Even for this Type, please add a description in the Activity Description field and enter the amount of the check in the field called “Monetary Donation, If Any”
  • Categorize your activity using as many descriptors as you wish (educational, religious etc.).  The guideline is to use to more than three descriptors if possible.

Activity Metrics

  • Record the number of member attendees
  • Record the number of non member attendees
  • Record the dollar amount of any monetary donation made by your chapter related to the activity (check written from chapter checking account)
  • Record the expenses your chapter incurred related to the activity (food, supplies etc.)
  • Record the revenue generated from the activity (registration fees – not home office stipends or donations which are next)
  • Record the funds raised by the activity (monetary donations from members and others)
  • Record the funds matched by the society home office
  • Record the value of in-kind donations made to the activity from members, non members and other outside sources, using your best estimate
  • Record the total number of volunteer hours for that activity (count hours actually working not just attending)
  • Record the number of volunteers who were involved in the activity (count people actually working and not those attending and not working.  Use best judgment when counting people who work for a small fraction of time at an event)
  • Upload a photo of the event; please limit the file size of your photo to less than 5MB.

Running Reports

Chapters can run reports only on their own activities; society home offices can run reports on any chapter. Reports are downloaded into an Excel file that can be sorted by chapter, city, state, date range, type etc. Go to the Manage Activities tab and click on Download CSV after you get the activities you want the report for.


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