Spotlight On Fraternal Community Service and Philanthropy

Community Service Highlights

Royal Neighbors Chapter 20142, Oakland, CA.  Since it was so cold in the Oakland area in May, we purchased beanie hats to give to the homeless all through May in areas where our volunteers are located. The Beanies, socks, hygiene items, food and educational materials (valued at $172) were handed out on April 30th.

Sons of Norway Lodge 1582 Elvesvingen in Mankato, MN had 50 members who collected canned goods and other non-perishable and fresh items (valued at $100) for the Echo Food Pantry in Mankato 4/8/2017

SPJST Lodge 088, Houston, TX - Fourty Seven members dyed and decorated 60 dozen eggs and prepared food for the community Easter Egg hunt.   4/8/2017

Royal Neighbors Chapter 01373, Atlantic, IA purchased and donated 250 small toys and bagged candy ($45.29 value) to Atlantic Specialty Care for their Easter Egg hunt for the residents of Cass County.      3/21/2017

SPJST Lodge 080 in Holland, TX had 15 members work together with the Bartlett group - “FOOD FOR FRIENDS” to prepare and cook 200 food plates of hamburgers, chips, cookies, juice, and mints for delivery to shut ins in the Bartlett-Granger-Walburg area          3/17/2017

Royal Neighbors Chapter 00138, Grand Forks, ND had (3) members spend 28 hours time and get some really great buys on groceries (spent $120) and donated over 200 lbs. of food to the St Joseph’s Food Cupboard.                  3/8/2017

Sons of Norway Lodge 3433 Scandinavian Heritage Society in Rochester, NY held discussions (about climate change, habitat conditions, protecting both the polar bears and the seed vault for future generations), did a presentation, and sponsored an exchange student from Greenland (to talk about Greenland and the country’s relationship with climate change and the polar bears) at the Seneca Park Zoo in conjunction with Polar Bear Awareness Day and the Svalbard, Norway seed vault.     2/25/2017

SPJST Lodge 88 in Houston, TX visited and made cupcakes with the residents of Needville Rest Home    2/25/2017

Royal Neighbors Chapter 00183, Grand Forks, ND donated over 200 lbs. of groceries to the St Joseph’s Food Pantry & much needed supplies (laundry soap, paper towels, bathroom tissue, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) to the CVIC (Community Violence Intervention Center).                     2/2 & 2/8/2017

Royal Neighbors Chapter 01397, Indianapolis, IN and Chapter 07072 Guthrie Center, IA made, collected, and donated (30) blankets, (42) towels, (42) washcloths, and (18 large & 12 small) bed quilts for local homeless shelters.           1/17/2017 & 1/28/2017

SPJST Lodge 185 New Braunfels, TX worked 1 on 1 with students to re-shelve books, make copies, and cut out materials for the New Braunfels library     1-4-2017

Sons of Norway lodge 2001 Leif Erikson in Seattle, WA placed a fundraising sign and a red & green box in the entry to their hall. Members & guests contributed 210 lbs. of food and hygienic items and collected $588 in donations for the local food bank.   12/14/2016

SPJST lodge 142 in Houston, TX made $7,250 in monetary donations (Toys for Tots - $1000, Shriner’s Crippled Children’s Hospital - $500, Shriner’s Children’s Burn Hospital - $500, Ben Taub Children’s Ward - $500, Memorial Hermann Children’s Ward - $500, Texas Children’s Hospital - $500, Meals on Wheels - $500, Operation Interdependence - $2000, Boots for Troops - $500, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital - $750.   12/11/2016

Royal Neighbors lodge 270 in Bagley, WI helped conduct a fundraiser for Zion Lutheran Church. Seven members and twenty volunteers baked cookies, made candy and caramel corn which were then sold at a “Cookie Walk” at the Bagley Hotel. Home Office matching funds of $802.50 were also raised.               12/10/2016

Sons of Norway lodge 2001 Leif Erikson, Mount Vernon, WA - the committee for Norway Park Forestry/Stream Restoration cuts and trims trees, plants trees, sells wood, keeps streams within their beds, builds and maintains sheds and buildings, etc. for the park.    11/30/2016

Royal Neighbors Chapter 01391, Sauk City, WI collected $176.77 in donations at the Christmas party and after calling Hope House a local women’s shelter about their needed supplies, purchased and delivered the supplies to the shelter.    11/14/2016

SPJST Lodge 092 Fort Worth, TX had 19 members and 36 non-members get together for their monthly “Ladies Circle” and raise money that was donated to local charities - Meals on Wheels, The Women’s Shelter, and Tarrant County Food Bank.         11/08/2016

Sons of Norway – Since the 1980s multiple lodges collect cancelled stamps, trim, box up and donate to Tubfrim (a Norwegian based organization that works to improve the quality of life for children and youth with tuberculosis and handicaps). Lodge 2001, Leif Erikson, Seattle, WA collected stamps from participating lodges (35 lbs.) at the Sons convention. They boxed, labeled and coordinated shipping the donation for 2016 to Norway.              10/31/2016

SPJST lodge 202, Jourdanton, TX Seventeen youth members and five non-members collected 170 lbs. of pet supplies, $230 in donations, and various cleaning supplies at the Pleasanton Walmart which were then donated.        10/22/2016

Royal Neighbors chapter 02648, Boscobel, WI Five members and 3 non-members members went to a local orchard, purchased apples, made 20 pies & crust from scratch, took pre baked or frozen pies to local senior citizens who could not make pies for themselves.     10/12/2016

KSKJ Life, American Slovenian Catholic Union lodge 108, Minooka, IL held a raffle (25 members & 100 non-members attended) and raised $1,560 to purchase Holiday Wreaths for veterans graves at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL.    10/1/2016

Royal Neighbors Chapter 03122, Valparaiso, IN had 15 members and 8 non-members purchase and deliver $157.45 of food items to 3 separate food pantries, $50.00 of crafts and books to the Family House, and $50.29 in cleaning products To First Contact (all in Valparaiso)       9/19/2016

KSKJ Life lodge 171, Duluth, MN 21 members and 1 non-member worked 88 hours at a fundraiser for the Gary-New Duluth Development Alliance. The development alliance project includes renovation of an existing community center, adding a dog park, a skateboard park, a community garden, and other projects.            9/15/2016

SPJST Lodge 151, Wharton, TX 2 members spent 22 hrs. mowing the Velehrad Cemetery, weed whacking around the graves, and sweeping out the buildings.           9/4/2016 through 9/6/2016

SPJST lodge 084, Dallas, TX members donated backpacks filled with school supplies to homeless children in the Dallas area.                 8/22/2016

Sons of Norway Lodge 4499, Jotunheimen. After the lodge breakfast meeting members spent hours cleaning up the park in Billings, MT           8/20/2016

Royal Neighbors Chapter 00138, Grand Forks, ND purchased supplies, and packed 42 backpacks (with notebooks, folders, rulers, pencils. glue, crayons and other supplies) to a Grand Forks local school for the needy children.       8/9/2016

SPJST Lodge 202, Jourdanton, Texas. 19 members (both youth and adult) collected and brought in school supplies for a Stuff the Bus event. The lodge will also donate $100 to Stuff the Bus.    7/31/2016

Sons of Norway Lodge 4341 Valhalla, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 23 members and 63 non-members attended and helped put on the Fjord Horse Event. Carriage rides, Nordic games, feeding horses, a Beef on a Bun lunch and Scandinavian folk dancing were provided.            7/24/2016

Royal Neighbors Lodge 08432, Hope, Indiana took up donations and collected socks and clothes to help the homeless in their community. 18 members and 5 non-members collected socks and donations valued at $800 that were then donated to Helping Love Chapel to be given out to the homeless        7/6/2016

Royal Neighbors Chapter 1391, Sauk City, WI had 6 members and 1 non-member spend 18 hours collecting and delivering 325 lbs. of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing valued at $3,000 to St Vincent De Paul.               6/1 to 6/21/2016

Sons of Norway lodge 7019, Varden, New Westminster, BC and lodge 7157, Trollheimen, North Vancouver, BC had 18 members combine forces to help organize, set up the event, and assist in running children’s activities at a community “Midsummer Fest” where groups from many Scandinavian Countries participated in Burnaby, BC.   6/17 to 6/19/2016

SPJST – Twelve youth members and the leader from District 5, Needville, TX  spent several days and 156 hours making blankets (at a cost of $200) for local area children dealing with cancer.  5/1/2016 to 5/31/2016

KSKJ Life, American Slovenian Catholic Union - Lodge 7, Pueblo, CO had 15 members and 5 non-members donate $500 of in kind donations and spend a total of 50 hours to clean up the Roselawn Cemetary in Pueblo Colorado.    5/7/2016

Royal Neighbors - Chapter 3000, Exline, Iowa had 6 members and 2 non-members spend 15 hours to make 20 “Empowerment” bracelets with words of encouragement and sewed and assembled 20 jewelry bags to hold the bracelets and presented them to The Women’s Crisis Center (the Crisis Center covers 12 counties in Iowa) and the bracelets provide much needed encouragement to the women there.    5/1/2016 to 5/7/2016








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